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Looking for a tutor?

Lamarius Tutors is offering Reading and Mathematics Tutoring. We are offering Math tutoring up to Algebra 1. We offer Reading tutoring up to 8th grade. We do our tutoring in public libraries with different tutoring options. Most of our tutors are college students and high school students with good training. 


We teach kids with structured lesson plans. 

We also offer home work help.

We also offer fun learning experiences like

– Robotics

– Drone

– Game Design


                                       There is more to learning than Reading & Math!


Footage of robotics project with the students

Payment Plans

How Pay Works

  • All Tutoring sessions for the week must be paid on the starting Monday of the week.
  • Payments can be made in advance for the entire week to a month.
  • Once payment is processed the student can continue to their session for the week. If student fails to show up, make up sessions will be allowed if the tutor was advised at least two hours before the session.

How Sessions Work

  • Tutoring sessions are paid by the hour. Every student is charged Individually. 
  • If you have one student, they can be combined into a larger group of two if other parent agrees to it. 
  • If interested in morning Monday-Friday tutoring please contact me first.
  • Please feel free to contact us @ (786) 317-3881 for special scheduling. 

Lamarius Stewart

"I am here to help every student be the best they could be."

Farah Jean

"Significantly improving the lives of students, starting with knowledge.”

Elise Bell

"I am here to better the life of every student by helping them learn the things they lack understanding in. "