About Us

Robotics & Tutoring

I have learned, studied, and taught robotics for 2 years. I worked for Florida International University and I taught Ev3 Lego robotics to middle school aged students (North Miami middle) (Edision park K-8 center). Over the years I have extended my understanding for robotics, learning what they are capable of and how to build and program them. With FIU Ev3 Lego robotics program, I lead different teams into different competitions. I also did Vex robotics with my school. I studied Vex robots with Itech Senior Highschool. I want to start a Vex robotics team with middle school aged children this summer. I am asking for donations to successfully do so. 

My tutoring program will help students advance quickly. Teaching them and expanding their knowledge in math and reading. I am offering my services to help others with a much lower priced tutoring service. I will meet the kids with organized plans and fun activities so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with paperwork. I will also help them with their homework. My program is to help the student and make her/him successful in school. I am also taking donations to buy material for tutoring business.

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